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Ronnie Mason: Press

Ronnie Mason

“Sticks and Wheels”

by TxLogCabin

While in Castroville (near San Antonio) one evening not too long ago, engaged in one of my favorite pastimes (enjoying original Texas music), I met an aspiring performer that was there to do the same thing. I had a brief conversation with this Ronnie Mason of Hondo and was able to coax from him that he had performed a little earlier that evening, just down the road. He also admitted that he had a nearly recent (2000) CD of his own entitled, Sticks and Wheels. I tried to talk him into selling me a copy…got the excuse they were out in the car…. Never had so much trouble in my life trying to buy a CD from a performer!

I have listened to this CD multiple times now and am still enjoying the wonderful sounds that Mason brings to my ears with each play. There is a very strong Marty Robbins influence to his music that you can’t help but notice. That’s just fine by me, I’ve loved Marty Robbins music since I was a kid; who hasn’t? He does some great covers of "El Paso" and "My Woman, My Woman, My Wife". Also great covers of Roy Orbison’s "Cryin’" and "Le’ah", and some Webb Pierce, too.

The title track, "Sticks and Wheels", is a Mason original that showcases his song writing ability and his kind hearted nature. The whole CD is soothing and nostalgic, and it’s now in my favorites rotation. Contact Ronnie Mason at if you have questions or would like a copy of his CD. His website is currently under construction (as in there is nothing at all there yet), but keep checking it. It will hopefully have some good info for us soon.

Written by Cheryl Arthur, December 2002

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Cheryl Arthur - (Sep 22, 2005)