Ronnie Mason

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Ginchy Design Co.


I wanted to start a company to formalize my freelance work, which goes beyond just web design. I love helping small businesses build a professional web presence, and sometimes that can also include setting up their emails, teaching them some basic marketing principles, and troubleshooting IT issues.

My favorite part of creating this company was collaborating with my partner, a PR and copywriting expert, to build this retro world where each word and visual element was intentional and thoughtful.

I created the company name from an old 1950s slang term, “ginchy,” meaning cool or hip. The brand aesthetic sprouted from the name, along with my mascot and sidekick “Spiff.”

To complete the marketing package, I developed business cards and even custom coffee mugs – featuring Spiff, of course – to use as leave-behinds when visiting agencies and businesses in my community.

Mockup of Ginchy Design Co.'s business cards, showing front and back on green background
Business card design
Image of Ginchy Design Co. logo and coffee-cup mascot
Logo and mascot design
Photo of coffee mugs with Ginchy Design Co's logo and mascot on them
Coffee mug designed as a leave-behind for prospective clients